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A New Education Track

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Last month, we introduced the Gracie Barra Institute as the newest entity to serve the GB community. If you missed it, take a look to understand the role this entity will play in Gracie Barra’s future. This month, we are excited to introduce a new education track specifically designed to support School Owners. This new focus of GB Institute will be in addition to the ICP, which is focused on all instructors. Through the research, we have discovered that we can do more to help the school owners develop professionally above and beyond what the ICP offers. This new Business Education Track will support and educate school owners to help build their businesses stronger. Although this education track is in its infancy, we already have two tools developed to help that will be available soon. The most exciting detail is we are offering these tools free of charge so we can reach as many GB members as possible to take advantage of and get familiar with the types of educational support we are looking to roll out in the future.

The first is a Masterclass taught by Professor Flavio Almeida, a 5th-degree black belt and owner of 8 GB Schools. This class focuses on teaching GB Members how to make a living with Jiu-Jitsu.

It will be available for a limited time only, from September 5th through the 9th. If you are already a school owner looking to pick up some strategies to strengthen your business or if you are interested in opening your own school one day, this is the class for you. The next tool is a guide to help you make the most of the coming ICP season. There are many changes in the format of ICP 2023. The research that went into these changes is vast, and we believe that School Owners and Instructors will be thrilled. To benefit from this the most, we developed a road map for you to navigate and understand the direction we are headed as we evolve. The focus of the road map is on how to optimize the ICP Experience for you and your school. It will help you understand the research and development that went into making the ICP 2023 and the tools Gracie Barra provides to help you grow your business. As stated last month, when we introduced the GB Institute, the launch of our 2023 edition brings with it even more promise of innovation and advancement. GB Institute is all about research and education to ensure we provide everyone with the best GB experience. Education is the key to how we keep our community together.

The GB Institute has a broader focus than just the ICP. As we learn about what our members need, we will find new ways to support them. As we continue on the mission of Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone, more tools will come as we strive to expand our reach and your knowledge. We already have plans to expand the School Owner support next year in this Business Education Track to focus on helping schools grow and thrive. We look forward to the opportunity to support all GB members, and specifically school owners, with these new tools. Stay tuned; we will have more information coming soon. We hope you enjoy it!

Blog written by Dawn Korsen, a Gracie Barra Brown Belt


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